April 5, 2017

After Dark

Livin The Dream hosts After Dark at 2 locations! Friday & Saturday Nights 8-11pm at LVHN Sports Academy in Breinigsville! Saturday Nights 8:30-11pm at Lou Ramos Center in Allentown! After Dark runs from September 21st 2018 to April 27th 2019!

After Dark is a late night open gym for high school aged teens (13-19yrs old) on Friday & Saturday nights. We are providing a place for this age group to come and be active while staying out of trouble on their Friday and Saturday nights. The After Dark open gyms will be running the majority of the year from September 21st 2018 to April 27th 2019. This event open to boys and girls and is FREE for all high school aged teens and is a great place to have fun and meet new friends.
We have soccer, football, ping pong, and pool going on the entire night we are open.
Corner Lounge

Our brand new lounge area has added the perfect touch to the Sports Academy. With three 55″ TVs, a pool table, 4 lounge recliners, and seating for up to 35 people this area is perfect for Friday & Saturday nights.

In the middle of the event we take a break for 5 minutes and gather all the kids together to go over updates, answer any questions, and share advice with them for their daily lives.

"My friends told me about this place and I came out one time last season and loved it. I've been coming back ever since. Its a great place to go to avoid drinking and smoking and doing all the bad things other kids are doing"

Come Out Every Weekend

Attendance is free and we welcome kids from all over the Lehigh Valley to come check out After Dark because we know they will have a blast!
LVHN Sports Academy
Friday & Saturday Nights 8-11pm
Age Group: 13-19yrs old Boys & Girls

Sports - Soccer & Football


Corner Lounge - TV's, XBOX, Ping Pong & Pool

Lou Ramos Center
Saturday Nights 8:30-11pm
Age Group: 13-19yrs old Boys & Girls

Sports - Soccer & Football


Lounge Area - TV's