August 4, 2016

About Us

Mission Statement

“We desire to create a Christian community center that will be an athletic and social safe haven for kids and adults alike. By encouraging the value of people and teaching Biblical truths, we desire to edify and motivate each other through simple acts of kindness and compassion.”

Vision Statement

Our vision is to own our own facility where we can offer the same free of charge activities to more students and at more times throughout the week. Through After Dark, we have met hundreds of young people searching for a way to escape the constant negative influences.

Livin The Dream Was Born

The pain of losing a son is a pain that cannot be put into words. The memories, the realization that your arms will never again wrap around his shoulders, and the loss of the hopes and dreams that you were working together to achieve are heartbreaking. Mark’s family could have buried their son and gotten lost in that grief. But instead, they made a decision to use their loss to drive a vision that has impacted countless lives since that terrible day.

Livin the Dream is a place where high school students can escape the negative influences, the discouragement, and the peer pressure that can lead them down the wrong road. It is a place where mentors and peers walk beside young people to help them find passion, purpose, and a positive direction for their lives.

A place designed to combat the culture that today’s high school students face—a culture where the search for acceptance trumps wisdom and good decision-making.

It is a place that our young people desperately need—a place where they will find a fun and positive atmosphere, hope and encouragement, and mentors committed to their success.

This is the purpose of Livin the Dream

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