August 4, 2016

Mark’s Story

cache_947387005.jpgLivin' the Dream Foundation was started in memory of Mark Guensch, a 19 year old boy (young man, son, friend, grandson....) with a very bright future ahead of him. Mark lost his life late one night on his way home from a party. Mark had a car accident that ended his life, due to drinking and driving. Mark had no desire to have his life end so soon. He had written on his facebook the words, Livin' the Dream.

cache_947387051.jpgHe had many hopes, dreams and plans for his future. Mark' story and many other similar stories deeply sadden us on a daily basis. These stories are difficult to hear. All of us probably know first hand what it is like to see a life end so abruptly because of negative influences. Influences in the lives of young people need to be addressed. The goal of our foundation is to help young people find passion, purpose, and a positive direction for their lives. We feel this needs to be done sooner rather than later in life. We desire to create a place young people can find a fun and positive atmosphere, as well as hope and encouragement.