October 3, 2019

Community Center

Allentown Community Center

The urban youth of Allentown face difficult circumstances. Fatherlessness, poverty, violence, and substance abuse are well documented in the local news. While the city’s skyline and economy are resurrected, the quality of life for city residents remains bleak. Livin the Dream desires to be part of the solution to give the youth hope and a future.

The Community Center in Allentown is located at 314 N. 12th Street in the heart of Allentown. The project is affectionately known at the “314 Project” and offers approximately 25,000 SF of community space. The community center will have indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other indoor activities. Additionally, there will be a lounge and meeting spaces to the local youth to learn, receive tutoring, mentoring, and other support services.

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Dave & Liz Guensch walk through the warehouse at 314 N. 12th Street.

The Goal of the Community Center

The goal of the center is to not only give local youth a safe place to have fun, but more importantly provide them with hope and education about the opportunities that are available to them. The 314 Project intends on transforming the local neighborhood for generations.