August 4, 2016

About Us

Livin the Dream was founded to honor the life of Mark Guensch. Mark was only 19 when he was killed in a drinking and driving car accident. It is our desire to help others make better choices. If our story puts one person on the right path, pursuing God’s purpose for their life, it is worth telling.

Mission Statement:

“We desire to create a Christian community center that will be an athletic and social safe haven for kids and adults alike. By encouraging the value of people and teaching Biblical truths, we desire to edify and motivate each other through simple acts of kindness and compassion.”

Become A Volunteer

Our team is made up of mostly volunteers, and we are happy to find new volunteers who share our same passion.

Our Project

Livin the Dream has a goal of building a center for high schoolers and young adults to come and play sports, board games, enjoy local concerts, or just a common place to hangout during the day or late at night. We want to draw guys and girls in their late teens away from parties, drugs, and drinking and give them an alternative. High schoolers do not enjoy feeling guilty about partying and feeling pressure to experiment with different drugs. The same kids would rather have these pressures and be with their friends than sit at home on a Friday or Saturday night. We want to give them that place where they can go with their friends at any time and have positive influences and a positive atmosphere around them.